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“THE UNITY  OF  THE SPIRIT” By  Pastor  Steve

One of the most important things a church can do is to “preserve” the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace (Ephesians 4:3). Obviously, Paul would not have issued this directive in the way that he did if this was an easy task. This takes work. When the church is made up of a variety of people, from a variety of backgrounds, it takes a conscious effort to preserve this unity.  While it is true that we have spiritual unity centered around a common experience and relationship with our Savior Jesus Christ that is true and cannot be broken, the part that we are called to “preserve” and takes the effort is the relational unity “in the bond of peace.” This speaks of a unity that comes from a shared mission and goal, and then shared experiences. It comes when the people of a church family share life together and “bond” through those experiences. It is these shared life experiences that help us preserve unity by helping us overcome the obvious differences among us. Obviously, many of the activities and ministries of the church contribute to this shared experience. When we worship together and are in small groups together, we are sharing life. Outside of corporate worship, many of these experiences are limited to small groups of people, such as a Bible study or activity.  However, once in a while there is an opportunity for a greater portion of the church family to join together in a common experience that allows them to share life together and therefore, contributes to “preserving” the unity. One such occasion happened recently when we took on the task of “refreshing” our worship center. It was amazing to see such a large number of our people involved in this project. There was a sense of shared mission and experience that resulted in a beautiful transformation. Note the pictures and notes below.

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